Karl M. Göschka: Teaching, Past Terms

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This list provides an overview of my teaching activities in the past terms. Some courses have been given jointly with colleagues. Also, the size of the student groups varied significantly from 4 to some 500, sometimes groups were split. Some courses were on undergraduate level, others on graduate level. Also, supervision of practical work, seminar supervision, student project coaching or individual coaching are mostly omitted here. All these details can be provided upon request.

Summer Term 2012

Winter Term 2011/2012

Summer Term 2011

Winter Term 2010/2011

Summer Term 2010

Winter Term 2009/2010

Summer Term 2009

Winter Term 2008/2009

Summer Term 2008

Winter Term 2007/2008

Summer Term 2007

Winter Term 2006/2007

Summer Term 2006

Winter Term 2005/2006

Summer Term 2005

Winter Term 2004/2005

Summer Term 2004

Winter Term 2003/2004

Summer Term 2003

Winter Term 2002/2003

Summer Term 2002

Winter Term 2001/2002

Summer Term 2001

Winter Term 2000/2001

Summer Term 2000

Summer Term 1999

Summer Term 1998

Summer Term 1997

Summer Term 1996

The number denotes the weekly hours of student effort throughout the whole term (16~20 weeks). The different types of courses comprise:
FLFernlehre (Distance Learning)
LULaborübung (Laboratory course)
SESeminar (Seminar)
UEÜbung (Excercise course)
VOVorlesung (Lecture)