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Topics for Master Theses, Bachelor Theses, and Projects

The focus is on distributed systems and databases, in particular on Adaptivity, Performance, Dependability and Security in current application areas, characterized by high dynamics and scaling, such as IoT, Big Data, Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) Technologies.

Applications include IoT (Internet of Things) such as Smart Environments (Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart City, SmartHealth ...) and Industrial IoT (Industry 4.0, Digital Twin); VANETs (Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks) and SmartCars; Content Delivery Networks; Critical Infrastructures and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems; GNS (Global Sensor Networks); Cloud Gaming; Mobile Cloud Computing; Administration (Terminal Server, VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Mobile Device Management ...).

In the field of big data, topics include In-memory Computing, Elasticity vs. Transactions, Failure Detection and Continous Inconsistency, Adaptive Energy Management and Green Computing, Scalable Replication. In the field of cloud and services computing, for example, PaaS (Platform as a Service, Docker, Kubernetes), NoSQL and NewSQL databases. System approaches include adaptive middleware and self-adaptiveness, self-balancing, the CAP principle and feedback computing, and emergence and self-organization.

This results in the following possible topics:

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